The Unicorn is perhaps the mytolycal creature par excellence. One is a magical animal, of noble character, pure and very spiritual. Reason why it has been symbol of several cultures of the Sanctity, the virginity and the force. Its aspect is the one of a young horse, generally white, with a horn in spiral, antelope legs, beard of I inform, and a tail of leonino aspect. Their eyes are of blue an intense one and its intelligence is comparable to the one of a human. The Unicorn appears described in the book of Job and their origins are not clear. A possibility is that it has his origin in India, like a Hindu ass, of colors very different from the target (Hindu Unicorn). Also one thinks that it can be original of Africa, and that we would be before an antelope with only a horn (Sacred Antílophèn). Another theory is that it can be a somewhat exaggerated description of a real animal of the Tibet (Wen-Khi), that was possibly extinguished. One thinks that they are inmortals, but the certain thing is that possibly it is the fact that its average life is superior to the 1000 years which makes think that they are inmortals. Its longevity must to the magic of its horn, that makes them always have a youthful aspect. The Unicorn offers a special resistance to the magic, is immune to the spells, the spells of death and the poison. Its magical horn is able to detect the poison and to cure wounded with a simple rubbing. They can be teletransportar once to the day, which can benificiar to them if they are seen in the necessity to flee from some danger. To the Unicornio also it is attributed to him to have one of the most resistant stomachs of the fantastic kingdom. Although they are only nourished of the buds to tier to us fresher, also are fed on energy of the sun. The years in which the sun has greater activity the unicornios shine in the heat of until night with a silver-plated fire. The Unicorn is an independent and solitary being, who allows to few contacts with other beings, except one doncella virgin, human or elfa, and of pure heart. Before them, unicornio is and allows to be mounted. This fact has been taken advantage of by the villains to capture the unicornios. A Unicornio is a so loyal mount that it will even protect to his rider with his own life. The Unicornio belongs to the great family of the Hipocórnidos. The Unicornio of the image is a Lunar Unicornio (it is influenced by the Moon) a subspecies of the Unicornio Classic, but so similar to this that considers very many times him like the Classic Unicornio. Also the Solar Unicornios calls exist (like the Classic ones are influenced by the Sun, nevertheless the Lots shine more and can dismiss refulgentes blinding sparkles with the skin), that share very many characteristics with the Unicornios classic (Unicornus Clasicus), and also it is confused to him with these. Also the Classic Unicornio is confused with the Unicornios of Three Moons, presents only in Tramórea. Its horn is hidden at sight of the mortals, although when the three moons of Tramórea (Shirta, the green one; Rimom blue and the Taniar, the red one.) are command post apogee, the blinding light that produce discovers the horn of these Unicornios. Also a conjunction between stars affects other Unicornios, like for example to the Unicornios de Idhún, that when this conjunction takes place the moons: Erea (silverplated), Ilea (greenish) and Ayea (reddish); and the suns: Kalinor (red), Evanor and Imenor (white both); formán a hexagon. If the energy that gives off is conjunction is not altered, (a bewitching evildoer used it once to kill to the dragoons and the unicornios presents in Idhún) he causes that the activity of the dragoons and the unicornios intensifies, affecting in this way to the amount of alive beings (vegetal and animals) present in a zone and even to the amount of present magic in the atmosphere. The Unicornis of Idhún is quite special because they use his power to extract the magic of the atmosphere, although they can't almost use it. They use it to give the gift of the magic to the inhabitants of Idhún (elfos, fairies, celestial, giant. .etc.). In this sense the Unicornios de Idhún is a species of catalistas of the magic.